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Backpacking vs life in a VAN – What’s the best way to travel? – VLOG EP_034

The desire to discover the world and to live one’s own life feeling free leads each of us to travel in a different way. In San Pedro de Atacama we met Camille and Pipito, two guys with two unrelated stories but who are sharing a passion for the world around them. They have only met for a few days and so it seemed really the right opportunity to compare them on some topics that will certainly interest the many people who dream a similar life. We asked him a few questions and the answers will certainly make many people think … Here the questions: 1. The cost of traveling 2. The budget for Vanlife 3. The Budget for Backpacking 4. The security of living in a VAN 5. How to make money on the road as a Backpacker 6. How to make money for living in a VAN 7. About the difficult of making money on the road 8. Is money the only thing that you need? 9. What is possible to learn from a life on the road? 10. The best thing about that way of traveling 11. What did you miss about your previous life 12. One suggestion for all who want to do the same life

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