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That is the story of our life on the road

Off-line navigators to travel, which free is the best?

Is the era of navigators finished? During many trips, even before what we are doing now, we have had the opportunity to test various navigation applications on the field on both Android and IOS. As far as we are concerned, we always did it by adding a traditional GPS, so …

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How to find places to stay for free

Among the questions we are asked since we travel, and especially since we are in South America, there are certainly the following: Where do you stop to sleep at night? Do you feel safe? How much do you spend? How do you find the best places? Every traveler could provide …

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10 tips to tackle an Overland trip

1)Know your own equipment Sand plates, solar system, water filters, autoclave pump, satellite phone, GPS system, Inverter: these are just some of the things you will need to know when planning a long-term Overland trip. It will be necessary not only to know how all these accessories work, but also …

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Living off-grid with an Expedition Vehichle

Solar energy plays a fundamental role in our vehicle and we definitely can not do without the plant we have. Being currently enthusiastic about the freedom that solar energy is giving us, we decided to write an article describing its functioning. The purpose of this text is also to answer …

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Lagunas Route – Bolivia to Chile

To reach Chile from Uyuni, you can go along several roads, some simpler, more complicated, and as often happens, the charm of the second alternative is superior because of the panoramas you can admire. By studying the maps we have identified some trails that approaching the Chilean border, after having …

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La Higuera, where Che Guevara still lives

Higuera is a small village lost in the Bolivian mountains, about 80 km from Vallegrande. This place probably would have remained forever in the shadows if it was not fifty years ago Ernesto Che Guevara’s killing scene.After several days of conflict with the Bolivian military, on October 8, 1967, Che …

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Che Guevara footstep: Vallegrande

Vallegrande is a small Bolivian town famous on October 10, 1967, when the body of Ernesto Che Guevara was shown to the public after the killing in Higuera. Photos taken by photographer Boliviano Freddy Alborta traveled around the world, impressing for Che’s face, which kept her eyes open as if …

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